Spell Check

Last update: May 2017


RC-WinTrans has a spell check capability for western languages with various options for checking (and correcting) the spelling of translation texts.


A spell check can be performed for a single word or single resource text entry and via the appropriate check function performed for all of the "string type" resource types in the current translation project at once.


RC-WinTrans has two spell check features: (1) an internal Spell Checker and (2) access to the spell check function in MS Word (if installed).



Internal Spell Checker

The internal Spell Checker checks for spelling errors in 12 different languages using the spelling dictionaries included with the RC-WinTrans installation.



MS Word Spell Checker

A second (external) spell check is available by accessing the function from Microsoft Word (if this is installed).  Versions from Office 97 and later are supported.  RC-WinTrans can make use of all spelling dictionaries currently available for MS Word. These MS Word spelling dictionaries can be found in the common "Microsoft Shared" folder:

\Program File\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof\


NOTE: MS Word is usually installed with only a few spelling dictionaries (approx. 4 languages).  The languages of these dictionaries depends on the language of the MS Office pack that is installed. Additional dictionaries for other languages can be used by copying the files  (.lex + .dll file) to the shared folder (mentioned above).


You can see whether or not a spell check is supported (dictionaries are available) for an RC-WinTrans project target language on the Spell Checker property page (Options dialog box).



Adding New Entries to a Spelling Dictionary

To add a word to the user spelling dictionary, press the Check Spelling command button ( ) in the Translation Edit bar (Figure 1).  The Check Spelling dialog box opens where the Add to Dictionary command is located.



Running the Spell Check


On Command

The spelling of a current translation unit or a single selected word can be checked by using the Ctrl+S key combination or by pressing the Check Spelling command button ( ) in the Translation Edit bar (Figure 1).  If the Spell Checker finds a (possible) spelling error, the Check Spelling dialog box is opened to correct the word.  If a word is written correctly, RC-WinTrans displays a Flash Info window with a confirmation text.



Figure 1: The Translation Edit bar with a word selected for a spell check.




Automatic Spell Check During Entry ("As You Type")

An automatic spell check can be enabled to alert the user to errors while the translation text is being entered/edited in the Target field of the Translation Edit bar.  A (possible) misspelling is shown in red and underlined characters (Figure 2).  Right mouse-click on the word to call up a local menu with a list of suggestions for possible corrections (Figure 3).  Select the correct word from the suggestion list to replace the word in the Translation Edit field.

The automatic spell check can be enabled/disabled on the Spell Checker property page in the Options dialog box.



Figure 2: A misspelled word (shown in red) in the Translation Edit bar's Target field.


Figure 3: A list of possible corrections for the detected misspelling is accessed by right mouse-clicking on the word shown in red.




Check All Text in Project

The spelling of all the strings in the current translation project can be checked by using the Spell Check command from the Checks menu.  The results are sent to the Check Results view where a single item in the list can be selected to display it in the Text Table view and/or edit it in the Translation Edit bar.



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