Translation Project


A translation project (also referred to simply as a project) consists of one or more (source) file(s) to be translated into one or more target language(s).  A source file added to a translation project can be of any type (format) as long there is a file converter available in the system supporting reading and writing the file.


The Translation Project symbol.


The administration data of a project is saved in a file (the project file) with the file extension ".rwtproject."  The format of the project file is that of Windows INI files.



Translation Data Storage

There are two different types of storage that can be used to save translation data (files, target text/target data):



One database file (.fsmdb) containing the translation data of all files in the project and as well as all target language data.



XML Files

Translation data is stored in XML files (.rwtxlf), one for each source file and for each target language.


Projects are added to (collected in) the Projects view.  If a workspace (workspace item) exists in the Projects view then a project can be assigned to that workspace.



Figure 1: RC-WinTrans' Projects view.



Figure 2: Sample files and folder structure of a translation project.

NOTE: The project file (file extension: .rwtproject) should be located in a root directory corresponding to the location of the project files (the project's source files).