A workspace groups together (contains) a number of projects (translation projects).  A number of workspaces may exist simultaneously, but only one workspace can be opened in RC-WinTrans at a time.


A workspace and the projects contained in the a workspace are shown in RC-WinTrans' Projects view.  A workspace has a name and is simply an organizational unit used to group translation projects together.


The data of a workspace is saved in a (Windows INI) file; the data consists primarily of the name and location of the individual translation projects contained in the workspace.


See also: "Projects View."


A new workspace can be opened or created by using the appropriate commands from the File menu:

Create a new workspace:  File menu  |  New command  |  Workspace command.

Open a new workspace:  File menu  |  Open command  |  Workspace command.


The data of a workspace is stored in a workspace file with the file extension ".rwtworkspace."

EXAMPLE:  <workspacename>.rwtworkspace




Each project is opened in a single Project window.  A workspace is only an organizational unit for loading a number of projects into the Projects view (icons for easy access/opening).


To move a workspace (drives, server) the workspace file should be located in a root directory of the associated project(s) (and therefore to the associated project files of the project(s)).  In this case (projects are in subdirectories) RC-WinTrans can use a relative path name to the project(s) which allows a workspace to be moved to another location on a drive or to another drive or server.


It is possible to work with a translation project without having a workspace.  This means that a translation project can be opened and edited without having a workspace.  This simplifies the process for a translator who is only working on a single project because s/he can open the project without having to create a workspace.  On the other hand, a workspace can be extremely useful for a translation agency as it allows a number of projects for a client to be grouped together and different workspaces can be used for several clients.



OLE Automation and VBA:  A workspace automation object is included in the RC-WinTrans component object model.  This object can be used, for example, in VBA macros, in HTML GUI pages (scripting), or from any client via OLE automation.



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