VBA Macros



RC-WinTrans comes with a number of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros files known as "system macros."  Each of these files contains a number of macros modules with uses that constitute RC-WinTrans' vast functionality.



Figure 1:  The VBA development environment with the RC-WinTrans system macros in the Project Explorer window.



System Macros

System macros contain the system functionality for RC-WinTrans.  The files are maintained by Schaudin.com.  Changing the code in the system macros is not recommended since modifications get lost the next time that the system macros file is updated by a newer version supplied by Schaudin.com.



Running Macros

One possibility for executing a macro is to use the Run Macro dialog box.  Open this dialog with the Macros command under the Tools menu.


For frequently-used macros an HTML page with a button that calls up the macro can be useful since a VBA macro (method or function), as well as the methods, functions, and properties of the RC-WinTrans object model can be called up from HTML script.  The advantage of this lies in the possibility of placing the HTML page inside of RC-WinTrans or opening it in a separate browser.  In this way new functionality becomes part of the user interface.