Projects View

Last update: December 2016


RC-WinTrans' Projects tab view shows existing translation projects and the files contained in a translation project.  Individual project files can be expanded down to the individual items (content) contained in a file such as dialog boxes and dialog box items.  Commands (local toolbar and menus) are available to manage projects and files.  Indicators are used to show the status of a project or file- for example, a changed source file automatically gets a red dot on the project item and file items.


See also: "Translation Project";

"Project Window".



Figure: The Projects view listing two translation projects and the files contained within them in a collapsible and expandable tree form.





Translation project:

Project is open.

Project is closed.

A source file in the project has changed.



Indicates errors or warnings for one or more files in a .NET assembly file.





New Project Button

Opens the New Translation Project Assistant to create a new RC-WinTrans project.


Project Commands Button

Opens a menu with commands for managing the selected translation project.
The command for adding files to a project is accessed here.



File Commands Button

Opens a menu with commands for managing the file selected in the Projects view.
A command for removing a file from a project is available here, or you can simply
select the file item in the view and press the "Delete" key.




View Customization

Like most of the views in RC-WinTrans, the Projects view can be moved and sized according to user preferences and independently of other RC-WinTrans windows.  To reposition, click on then hold the top of the view while dragging to the desired location.