Migration from RC-WinTrans 9/10 to RC-WinTrans 11


RC-WinTrans 11 is fully compatible with the predecessor Versions 8, 9 and 10 of RC-WinTrans.


A translation project created with a previous Version 9 or 10 can be opened and edited with RC-WinTrans 11.  Likewise, a project created with the current Version 11 can be opened and edited with a previous Version 8. 9 or 10.  All versions of RC-WinTrans are forward and backward compatible.


The system compatibility includes: VBA macros, RC-WinTrans add-ons and dictionaries, and TM Workbench translation memories (TMs).


RC-WinTrans 11 has a growing number of new features and functionality expansions/improvements.

For details see the "What's New" topic in the RC-WinTrans Release Notes.



Note Assignments

RC-WinTrans 11 supports notes added to the source text as well as to the target (translation) text.
In previous versions a note could only be assigned to the target text.


When working with a project created with RC-WnTrans 9 or 10, an item's note remains assigned to the target text.  A note for the source text must be entered newly via the GUI (Translation Edit bar).


Notes (or comments) included in source files (e.g., .NET RESX files) will be taken over as source text notes when the files are first added to an RC-WinTrans 11 project.   For details see the "Notes in Source Files" help topic.



Command Line

RC-WinTrans 11 has a brand new command line API.  The command line tool is the RC-WinTrans application ("RCWinTrans.exe") itself.


The previous command line tool "RWTCmd.exe" and previous command line API is still supported by RC-WinTrans 11.  It is included in the RC-WinTans 11 installation.


For details see the "Command Line Processing: Overview" help topic.