Data Exchange with MS Excel and Text Files



Exporting Data (RC-WinTrans to Excel Spreadsheet or Text File)


The export function in RC-WinTrans exports a set of data value types to a text file or Excel spreadsheet.  Each data value type has its own column in the spreadsheet or file.


One or more target languages can be exported from a translation project.


NOTE: The item's ID/name and the source file name should be included so that translations from the Excel spreadsheet or text file can be imported back into the translation project.  Including this information allows an item to be accurately identified and translated by the import function.


Exportable data value types:


Value Type


Source Language

The source language text.  This is usually the original source text but can also be the text of a target language used as the source text.

Target Language

The target language text of one or more target languages.

Previous Source Text

The previous source text for the current translation when the source text has been modified.  A previous source text exists when the current source text is new or changed.  In this case the item's translation status is "changed source."


The "Note" text.  Exported to a column, one for each exported target language.

Translation Status

The item's translation status at the time of export.  Exported to a column, one for each exported target language.


The item identifier (ID).  Also called the "resname."

Main Resname

"ID chain"- IDs from the main resource ID down to the item's ID. IDs are joined by a number symbol (#).  Use this type to identify an item within the source file with the greatest accuracy.


The item resource type.

Source File

The name and the path of the source file.



Importing Data (Excel Spreadsheet to RC-WinTrans Translation Project)


The import function is designed to import data from an Excel spreadsheet or text file as it was exported by RC-WinTrans, i.e., containing the seven data value type columns described in the previous section ("Exporting Data.)"


The input can ignore the data "item ID/name," "source file name" and "resource type" data in the respective Excel spreadsheet/text file columns.  In other words the import can be performed taking only the "Source Language" and "Target Language" columns into account.



Figure:  Options for matching data in the Import Assisant dialog.



Data Identification

The "item ID/name," "source file name" and "resource type" data is used to identify an item and to match an item in the Excel/text file to an item in the RC-WinTrans translation project.  If none of these three value types are used for the import then an item will be assigned by comparing the source texts alone.

TIP:  When using the same translation project and Excel spreadsheet/text file to import and export data using the "item ID/name," "source file name" and "resource type" value types is recommended to ensure that items can be assigned correctly.  In other cases it may be necessary to skip the comparison of this data.



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