Changes Indication

Last update: January 2017


After a database update is performed to make all of the source data in a given translation project current, RC-WinTrans will display the changes that have been made since the update so that these items can easily be located, reviewed and/or translated.  Changes are indicated as follows:



Changed Source View

All changed source data is listed in RC-WinTrans' Changed Source view.  Use this tab to select items in the view (Text Table/Dialog Box/Menu) where they can best be reviewed/translated/

See also: "Changed Source View."



Text Table View

Changed Items

Translated items for which the source text has changed are marked with a red dot and red text.  The state is set to "changed."

New Items

Items that have been newly added to the translation project (via the source file update process) will not have any text in the "Target" column.  The state flags for these items will be set to "new."

See also: "Text Table View" in the "Project Window" help topic.


Translation Edit Bar

Both the current and previous source texts are displayed in the Translation Edit bar.  Changed words or charac-ters are highlighted in yellow.

See also: "Translation Edit Bar."


Once new and changed items have been reviewed/translated/edited and the translation text has been confirmed, the item's translation state will go from "changed" to "translated" and the change indicators (red dot, red text) will be removed.


See also: "Source File Changes and Database Update";

"Changed Source View";

"Procedure for Handling Source File Changes."