Project Data View


Like the Projects view, the Project Data view (see figure below) shows the contents of a selected translation project, but in greater detail, with translation status information and commands for filtering content.



Data Filters

The collapsible and expandable tree view in the Project Data view lists a project’s files and resources according to the active filter setting determined by the filter button currently selected in the view.  Filters are available to show only (i.e., isolate) specific resources types (e.g., dialogs, menus, or stringtable strings) or to show only resources that still have text to be translated, or to simply show the entire contents of the project.


The main filter command buttons are available at the top of the Project Data tab view.  Additional filters are also available in (1) a local menu called up with a right mouse-click in the view and (2) in the Edit and (3) View menus.





Shows all files and all resources contained in the project.

Dialog box items

Shows all resources that are dialog box items.

Menu items

Shows all resources that are menu items.

Stringtable strings

Shows all resources that are stringtable strings.


Shows all images in the project.

VersionInfo resources

(Win32) Shows all VersionInfo resources.

Accelerator tables

(Win32) Shows all accelerator tables.

File includes

(Win32) Shows all file includes.

Custom .NET types

.NET: Shows all non-standard (custom) resource types. (NOTE: Custom types are not initially known to (recognized by) RC-WinTrans as types to be translated. These types can be specified as text types (to be translated) or as “not localizable” in RC-WinTrans’ Custom Resource Type dialog box.)

Additonal data

Additional data for dialog and menu resources can also be made visible if desired. This includes data such as the shortcut texts for menu items and the font, style, size, and position of dialog box items.

All resources with text

Shows only those resources that have text to translate.

All non-translated items

Shows only those resources that still need to be translated (or that have changed and need to have their translations confirmed).


The following figure is a graphical overview of the Project Data view’s commands and information display for easy reference.



Figure: RC-WinTrans' Project Data view.



Translation Status Indication

Each item listed in the Project Data tab view has a translation status indicator which tells the user how much of a given resource/resource type/file/project is translated.  This is expressed in a percentage next to a pair of numbers which is the number of translated items followed by the total number of items to be translated.  The colored circles signify translation (green), incomplete translation (white), and changed (new/modified/deleted resources) source data (red), and may be filled in with one or a combination of these colors.


NOTE: RC-WinTrans considers an item translated when its state is set to either "translated" or "final."



State Symbols, Re-Check Markers, and Notes

Supply additional information about items listed in the Project Data view with one of two "state" symbols ("approved" and "for review"), re-check markers, and/or notes.  These are displayed next to their respective items in the view.  Assign a note, marker, or flag using the Note, Translation Status, and Menu Commands button near the top of the view or by right mouse-clicking on the tree item to open a local menu with the same commands.



Interactive Display

The Project Data view lists the entire contents of a translation project in an interactive display (tree view) that lets you jump to (select) specific data in RC-WinTrans’ Text Table view simply by clicking on the corresponding item listed in the view.  You will notice that the item currently selected in the Text Table view always corresponds to the one selected in the Project Data view.  For example, when a project is opened the "Project" item at the top of the tree view (the root item) is selected and the Text Table view shows all the data contained in the project.  If a menu or a dialog box is selected in the view, only the data for that selected item will be shown in the Text Table view.  Click on the "Project" item and all the project data will be visible again.



View Customization

Like most of the views in RC-WinTrans, the Project Data view can be moved and sized according to user preferences and independently of other RC-WinTrans windows.  To reposition, click on then hold the top of the view while dragging to the desired location.


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