Get Translation(s) Dialog Box  ("Import from Dictionary")


The Get Translation(s) dialog box is used to export translations from the active translation project into a particular dictionary or translation memory.  Open the dialog by selecting the Get Translation(s) command from the Dictionary/TM menu.  The same command is also available via RC-WinTrans' import function.


The operation will be performed for the item(s) currently selected in the Text Table view.



Figure: The Get Translation(s) dialog box for importing translations (for items selected in the Text Table view) from a specific dictionary or TM.



All dictionaries for which the export of translated items is possible are listed in the display provided in the dialog.  These are all the dictionaries (or TMs) that support the project's active source and target languages.


Use the Options button to open the Find and Get Translations property page (Dictionary/TM Options dialog box) where certain import options can be determined.


After the import has been performed a window appears informing you of the number of items that were imported.  Imported items are marked with a blue dot marker in the Text Table view.