Dictionaries View

Last update: December 2016


RC-WinTrans' Dictionaries view (see figure below) displays a list of all the dictionaries and translation memories that are available to support the translation process in RC-WinTrans.  Each can be enabled for finding ("find reference") and/or for saving ("save reference") translations.


For information on how to create a new dictionary or add an existing dictionary to the Dictionaries view see the help topic "Dictionaries (Overview)."



Command Buttons


Dictionary Properties–  opens a Properties dialog for the selected dictionary.

Open TM Workbench–  opens the TM Workbench for the selected dictionary or translation memory.

Add Dictionary or TM–  opens a Select Dictionary dialog box to browse for and select a dictionary file (.tmx, .txt) or a TM file (.sdltm).




The Dictionaries view uses the following symbols to convey information about dictionaries listed in the view:

Dictionary symbol (dictionary is not currently in use).

Dictionary in Use symbol.  The dictionary is open and in use.

NOTE: This symbol appears after a dictionary supporting the languages of the translation project is used in a find or save text operation.

TM File (.sdltm) symbol.

Trados Translation Memory symbol (.tmw file) (Trados Translator's Workbench).

Language Support symbol.  The dictionary supports the source and target languages of the translation project.

Read-Only symbol.  The dictionary is read-only and cannot be edited.



Find/Save Reference Checkboxes and Dictionary Size

For each dictionary there are two checkboxes that can be checked or unchecked to enable or disable a dictionary as a find or save reference.  The number of entries contained in the dictionary (size) is displayed beneath the checkboxes.



View Customization

Like most of the views in RC-WinTrans, the Dictionaries view can be moved and sized according to user preferences and independently of other RC-WinTrans windows.  To reposition, click on then hold the top of the view while dragging to the desired location.



Figure: The Dictionaries view showing two translation memories and one text file dictionary available for use in RC-WinTrans.