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The icon for the Trados™ Translator's Workbench application.


Figure:  The Trados Translator's Workbench application window.



The following is an excerpt from the Translator's Workbench Help, © 1994-2000, TRADOS GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany (now: SDL, USA):


TRADOS Translator's Workbench offers state-of-the-art flexible management of linguistic reference material. It provides the translator with access to archived translations and automated support at three different linguistic levels – sentence, sentence part, and terminology. It allows translators to remain working in a familiar word processing environment while sharing networked resources.


Level 1: Sentence Support

The translation memory (TM) is a database that stores all translated sentences (or segments) with their source language equivalents. These language segment pairs are referred to as translation units. The translation memory uses database technology to automatically propose previous translations while translating. As well as proposing identical matches, Translator's Workbench uses a technique known as “fuzzy matching” to find database entries that are linguistically related to the source segment. Matches can be easily pasted into the translation. New and updated translations are added to the database so that the translation memory grows dynamically during the translation process. Additional data, such as client and project information, can be assigned to each segment and used to identify and distinguish between different subsets of stored data.


Level 2: Sentence Part Support

Bilingual Concordance: The concordance feature in the Translator's Workbench allows  the translation memory to be searched at sentence part level. Simply select the specific part of a particular sentence and use the concordance command to open the concordance window. All translation units containing the search text or related text will be displayed and the relevant sentence parts can easily be pasted into the translation.


Level 3: Terminology Support

MultiTerm is the TRADOS terminology management system. It interfaces with Translator's Workbench to provide active terminology recognition; i.e. translations of terms stored in the MultiTerm terminology database are automatically suggested while translating documents. Fuzzy matching is used with the search text so that related as well as identical terms are found. Suggested terms can easily be pasted into the translation.”



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