TranslationProjects object
TranslationProject object
ProjectDocument object
ProjectFiles object
ProjectLanguages object

Represents a project used in RC-WinTrans.

CloseDocument Closes the "TranslationProject" object's Document view.
ExportProject Exports a translation project as database based project (.fsmdb).
ExportProject(TargetProjFile As String, Name As String,
srcLang As String, tgtLang As String,[TargetLangsArray]) As Boolean
GetProjectFile Returns the project file with the given file name. The project file is loaded with the data of the given language(s).
GetProjectFile( ProjectFile As String, SourceLanguage As String,
TargetLanguage As String ) As ProjectFile
ImportFromProject Imports data from a translation project from and for a single target language.
ImportFromProject(FromProj As String, FromLang As String, ToLang As String,
enumData As ImportExportData, enumOption As ImportProjectOptions,
[HTMLReportFile As String], [showProgressDlg As Boolean = False]) As Boolean
IsModified Returns whether the project has been modified and not saved yet.
IsModified() As Boolean
IsUpToDate Returns whether if all files data are up-to-date for the given target language."Up-to-date" means that all source file data matches the data saved in the database.
IsUpToDate ( Language As String) As Boolean
OpenDocument Opens the "TranslationProject" object's Document view.
Reload Reloads the translation project.
Reload() As Boolean
Save Saves the translation project.
Save() As Boolean
TranslationStatus Verifies the translation (0%-100%) status of all source files contained in a translation project for the specified target language.  A file is considered to be translated when a translation (target text) exists for all text items and the translation status of all items is set to either "translated" or "final."
TranslationStatus( Lang As String) As long

UpdateDatabase Updates the data for all changed source files in the project for the given target language.
UpdateDatabase ( Language As String, DeletedItems As Variant, NewItems As Variant,
ChangedItems As Variant ) As Boolean
WritergetFile Writes all target files or one single (translated) target file in the specified language.
WritergetFile(pojFile As String, SrcFile As String, TgtFile As String,
Lang As String, LogFile As String forceAll AS Boolean ) As long
Filename Returns the file name of the translation project or sets it.
Name Returns the name of the project or sets it.
Parent Returns the "TranslationProjects" collection.
ProjectDocument Returns the corresponding "ProjectDocument" object.
ProjectFiles Returns the "ProjectFiles" collection.
ProjectLanguages Returns the languages of the project as a collection of "ProjectLanguage" objects.
SourceFileChanged Returns if at least one source file of the project has been changed.

Last Updated: 03/19/21