Multi-Language Views




RC-WinTrans' multi-language views offer access to important commands, data, and operations available in several different UI languages.


The multi-language views are:

Start Page


Quick Launch


UI languages available for multi-language views...


A greater number of secondary languages are available for the UI of these views than is available for the primary RC-WinTrans application.  Consequently, the UI language used for the multi-language views can differ from the UI language used for the RC-WinTrans application at any given time.



Opening/Activating the Views


To open one of the multi-language views, click on the tab of choice at the top of the main view (see image below), or use the appropriate command in the View menu.


Figure 1:  Tabs for the multi-language views- click to activate.



UI Language Selection


Use the view's "UI Languages" combo-box to choose the GUI language of the view, or use the appropriate menu commands in the View menu.


Figure 2:  The combo-box for selecting the user interface language for the current view.



Command and Information Tooltips


The multi-language views are equipped with tooltips for all icons and command buttons.  The tooltips provide additional information about the function of the element to which they refer.  Hover over the element with the mouse to make the tooltip bubble appear.



Figure 3:  Tooltips in RC-WinTrans' Quick Launch View.