Quick Launch Page



The Quick Launch page provides fast and easy access to general information, conditions, settings and commands related to a single source and target file, and to the translation project to which they belong. It acts as a central launch pad for the most important and common work performed with RC-WinTrans. The page's content is arranged in a way that reflects the usual workflow for software file localization.



Figure 1: The Quick Launch page concentrates RC-WinTrans' most important commands in a single view.  The view is a multilingual page that lets the user interface be displayed in several different languages.




The Quick Launch view is a multilingual page with a user interface (UI) that can be displayed in different languages.


Dialogs opened through a command found in the Quick Launch page are shown in the same UI language as has been selected for the page.


The primary commands and dialogs used in RC-WinTrans and available from the Quick Launch page have been translated into several different languages for ease of use among the tool's users.  The remainder appears in the language selected for the application's GUI.


Use the view's UI Language combo-box to choose the GUI language of the page, or use the appropriate menu commands in the View menu.


Figure 2:  The combo box for selecting the
Quick Launch
page's UI language.




Status and command tooltips are available for all the command buttons and icons in the Quick Launch page.  Move the mouse cursor over any given button or icon to display tooltip information on the element.


Use the Projects tab view to select the source file to which the page's commands are applied.


See also. "Multilingual Pages."