Run Macro Dialog Box


The Run Macro dialog box displays the executable VBA macros ("Sub" routines, not "Function") contained in a macros file and lets you run a selected macro.


NOTE:  The macros files listed here are called "user macros" because RC-WinTrans' system macros files are not listed.


Open this dialog using the Macros command from the Tools menu.



Figure:  The Run Macro dialog box.



Dialog Box Items

The Run Macro dialog box has the following fields and buttons:



Macro name Display

The name of the macros file.  This name is used in the project tree of the Visual Basic integrated development environment (IDE).



Macros File List Box

Displays a list of all the available (i.e., known to the system) macros files.



Macros List

A list of the macros contained in the user macros file.  Only macros without parameters and of the type "Sub" are listed.



Description Edit Field

A description of the selected macro.  The description can be edited.  Changes will be saved immediately even if the Close button is pressed.



Run Button

Runs the selected macro and closes the dialog box.