QuickShip Exchange Files (XLIFF 2.0 Files)

New in April 2017.


"QuickShip exchange" is the name given to the XLIFF 2.0 files used in an expedited translation process in which the file is sent to a translator to translate items for the first time or to update existing translations.  Additional instructions and information (see items

(3) through (8) below) can be assigned to an item and viewed by the translator using the QuickShip Edition or any other edition of RC-WinTrans.


The QuickShip file is created as a data export out of an RC-WinTrans translation project.  This exported data will consist of the items' source and target texts ((1), (2)) and, optionally, additional information needing to be included (items (3) through (8):


source text to be translated.


translation text (empty or with existing translations).


note for the source text.


note for the translation text.


re-check marker with description text.


task marker with description text.


previous source text for an item for which the source text has changed.


translation status of the item.


The information in (3) through (8) can be included if it was assigned to the item in the source RC-WinTrans translation project and then added to the QuickShip file on command.


QuickShip exchange/XLIFF 2.0 file extension: .xliffex or .xliff.


Read more about this file format (XML according to the Oasis XLIFF 2.0 specification) at


A translator can use the QuickShip Edition (or any other edition of RC-WinTrans 11 or later) to translate source texts.  The QuickShip Edition has the ability to read and present the additional information included in the file content to the translator.


As an open XML standard format (XLIFF 2.0), QuickShip files from RC-WinTrans can also be opened and edited by another translation tool supporting the file's format.  However, it is more beneficial to the overall quality and accuracy of the translation when the additional information included in the file can be viewed and considered by the translator- this can only be done with RC-WinTrans 11 (or later).


Using the RC-WinTrans QuickShip Edition also allows translators to add their own notes, tasks, or re-check markers to items, and to edit the description texts for existing ones.  The additional information is returned with the exchange file where it can be imported into the main translation project.