Source Files Dialog Box

Last update: February 2017


The Source Files dialog box in RC-WinTrans (see figure below) displays a list of all the source files contained in the active translation project and offers commands to add or remove a source file to/from the project.  This dialog is also used to check the file status of source files.



Managing Source Files in a Project

Use the dialog's Add command button to add (source) files to be translated to the "Source Files" list for the active translation project.  Use the Remove button to remove a file from the project.


The Align .NET Files command button is used when translating the RESX resource files of a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET software project.  Click on the button to open a dialog box where the RESX files can be aligned with the RC-WinTrans translation project.


NOTE – RC-WINTRANS TRANSLATOR EDITION:  The Add and Remove commands are disabled in the RC-WinTrans Translator Edition because this product cannot be used to add or remove files to/from a translation project.


See also: "Translation Database Dialog Box";

"Target Files Dialog Box."



Figure:  RC-WinTrans' Source Files dialog box.



Controls and Commands


Source Files List Box

Lists all the source files in the active translation project.  The source files are listed once per target language because the changes indication is based on a comparison of the source files and the target language data.


Change Source File Reference (Local Menu) Command

Change the file reference (file name and/or path) of the selected source file by using a right mouse-click to open a local menu with this command.



Source Files Group Box

Add Button

Opens a dialog box to select and add a source file(s) to the project.

Remove Button

Removes the selected file from the translation project.

Align .NET Files Button

Opens the Visual Studio .NET Project dialog box.



.NET ".snk" Key Files Group Box

Select Button

Used to select the strong-named key file (.snk).  The .snk file will be used to sign a target assembly file created for the source assembly.

Remove Button

Removes the .snk file for the selected source assembly.





Indicates that the source file exists and that it has not been changed.

Indicates that the source file does not exist or is not up-to-date, or failure of the translation data update.

Delay-signed .NET assembly file.

Strong-named signed .NET assembly file.