TMX Dictionaries


RC-WinTrans supports the use of a TMX file combining a source language and one target language in the form of a dictionary.


If you decide to save translation data to an existing TMX file, note that the file will always be created anew.  RC-WinTrans will only re-write the data from the TMX file that it has stored before, i.e., any data other than the <seg>  elements will be lost.  If you know that your TMX files hold other information, you should use a file copy as the dictionary.


To avoid problems, the TMX file is validated according to the TMX version that is used.  RC-WinTrans comes with a set of XML schema files that allow for validating TMX versions 1.1 through 1.4b.


NOTE: RC-WinTrans does not handle any of the information stored in the TMX files other than the <seg> elements holding the translation-relevant data.  In particular, meta information as string category information is completely ignored.



Editing and Maintaining a TMX Dictionary

To edit the contents of a TMX dictionary, open it with the TM Workbench.  Do this by selecting the

Open with TM Workbench toolbar button (shown right) in the Dictionaries view.  Next use the

appropriate commands from the TM Workbench's Maintenance menu.


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